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Giclée Editions

I am delighted to be able to offer a range of Giclée Limited Edition prints. Produced in collaboration with a specialist fine-art photographer and printer in Edinburgh, they are a superb reproduction of the original works. Printed with lightfast inks* on heavy (310gsm) textured paper, they are reproduced at the same size as the original paintings.

Sound of Gulls
'Sound of Gulls'
(image size)
15 x 13.25 inches
379 x 338 mm
£95 (+P&P)

Crimson Edge
'Crimson Edge'
(image size)
18 x 8.25 inches
458 x 207 mm
£95 (+P&P)

Edge of the Sea
'Edge of the Sea'
(image size)
14.5 x 16 inches
370 x 408 mm
£95 (+P&P)

Sea Lines
'Sea Lines'
(image size)
24 x 11.75 inches; 614 x 297mm

(image size)
20x 18 inches; 510 x 455 mm

Light Breaks
'Light Breaks'
(image size)
24 x 12 inches; 611 x 304 mm
£125 (+P&P)